Global settings

Content Security

Content Controller will inspect the contents of uploaded zip packages for dangerous file types, which are listed here. You can modify this behavior here.

Content Options

Enable SCORM 2004 4th Edition Export: Toggle on/off the ability to export courses as SCORM 2004 4th Edition.

Enable import of legacy RXD content: Allows users to choose RXD v1.8 (legacy) instead of RXD v3.x (recommended) when importing RXD content.


Learner Data

Toggle on/off the ability to anonymize learner data. This feature hashes personally identifiable information about learners before it is sent to Content Controller for all accounts.

Lead-in Page

During the launch process, direct users to a Lead-in Page. This self-hosted webpage allows Content Controller to present information or obtain a response before users start a course.

Mobile Device User-Agent Segments

If the User-Agent of a learner contains any of these segments, then a course that has the 'Force Frameset Launches on Mobile Devices' setting enabled will ignore the configured SCO launch type and continue with a frameset launch.

Privacy Policy

Add a customized privacy policy statement for learners. A link to the statement will be displayed in the player for all accounts that enabled the Display Privacy Policy Link setting.

Message

Add a custom message to Content Controller’s sign-in screen. It will appear to all users before they sign in.

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