Adding a course

A walkthrough of the options available for importing courses

Here's how to import a course into Content Controller

There are two methods for sharing content from Content Controller. The most common method is simply by Course authored in an eLearning standard (or supported media file). While alternatively through something called Rustici Cross Domain (RXD) for when content must remain on your servers.

Importing a Course

In order to share your content it needs to first be uploaded into Content Controller.

  1. Choose the Content tab and click the + ADD button in the top right corner.

  2. When clicking the + ADD from previous step you will be presented with two options to choose between: adding a Course or Folder. We are looking to add a Course so choose this option.

  3. This will open a pop-up with two tabs: one for uploading a packaged course .zip file, such as you would publish from an authoring tool and another for the server-side courses via Rustici Cross Domain. We are focused on adding a Course so stay on the Add Course tab.

  4. Click Browse to locate and select the packaged course .zip file or media file to upload.

  5. After you have selected the file, click Import Course

If the import process is successful, the newly added course will appear in the main Courses list with its Course Details opened.

For more information on Folders see the article Organizing content with folders

Content Controller supports the following content types:

  • SCORM 1.2

  • SCORM 2004 (2nd, 3rd, & 4th editions)

  • xAPI

  • AICC

  • cmi5

  • PDF (Added in v3.0)

  • MP4 (Added in v3.0)

  • MP3 (Added in v3.1)

Importing using Rustici Cross Domain

Rustici Cross Domain is useful when content must remain on your own servers, but you need to share it with learners through an LMS. We've added Cross Domain import functionality into Content Controller so that you can add that server-side content into Content Controller.

With Rustici Cross Domain, you can deliver your non-standard web experience as SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 3rd Edition, AICC, xAPI, cmi5 or share via LTI to your LMS.

  1. Click Rustici Cross Domain (RXD) Import from the Add Course window.

  2. Fill out Course Name, Course URL (where it lives on your server), and the Rustici Cross Domain (RXD) Remote API URL.

  3. Click Import Course.

For more detailed information on using RXD to launch content on your own servers, see the integration guide.

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