Course reports

Course reports

Course Reports provide analytics for each course in aggregate across all deployments to every account.

To access Course reports:

  • Select Reports located at the top right.

  • Select Course in the navigation

  • The course list is displayed where you can select or search for a course

  • Select a course to see its report.

Summary: It defaults to the most current version, but you can change versions via the dropdown.

Questions: Click Questions in the navigation to see question-level analytics for that course. Click into each question to see details like:

  • Correct and wrong response distribution

  • Easy/hard question rating

  • Whether or not the question is a predictor of course success

Course Summary Report

This report provides an account-by-account breakdown of usage numbers, completion rates, average scores, number of learners in each score quartile, and average durations. It can be shared as a link or exported as a CSV file.

How to build a Course Summary report

  1. Go to the Course Report section of Content Controller and select Build Report.

  2. Select one or more courses that you’d like to see in the report. Click on the selected course again to remove a course from the selected list column.

  3. Click Next to generate a Course Summary Report.

How to share a Course Summary Report

  1. After generating the Course Summary Report, click Share.

  2. A dropdown will appear with two options: CSV or Link. Select either CSV or Link and enter report details into the subsequent dialogue windows.

  3. Select Next.

  4. Click Create to start the report CSV download.

  5. To get the link, click Create. A dialog box will appear with the report title and the option to copy the link.

  6. Click to copy to your clipboard.

Question-level analytics are based on interactions, so if a course doesn't use interactions, no question level detail will be available.

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