Using version control

Content Controller’s built-in version control tools make it easy to guarantee your learners have the most up-to-date course content at any given time.

Create a new course version

  1. Import the updated course ZIP file To create a new version of a course, click the "Version" button in the course's detail panel. Upload a new .zip package in the same standard as the original version of the course. You may also include notes documenting the changes made in the new version.

  2. Test the changes After clicking Import Course, if the import process is successful, you will be given the option to test the new version of the course by launching it in a sandbox environment. You can also test the new version by using its drop-down menu in the course's detail panel.

  3. Publish the version to make it available to learners. Using the same drop-down menu, click Publish to publish the version, view and edit details about the version, and download the course .zip package. Until the course is published, you can also delete it.

Tip: The course .zip package is also handy if you no longer have the original raw course files.

Managing course versions with in-progress learners

When you publish a new version, it will be the version of the course that is delivered whenever a new learner launches it from their LMS. That means it’s possible you have learners already in-progress.

Depending on the situation, you’ve got 2 options:

  1. Click Restart to restart the course with the new version (for high-impact, significant changes or corrections to the course material).

  2. Click Maintain Progress to let them continue on the version they started (good for low-impact corrections, like fixing typos or replacing images).

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