Using folders in accounts

Organize content with folders within an account

If an account on Content Controller has a large content library inside it, consider using folders to group courses and other assets easily.

Adding content to folders inside an account works the same way as the Organizing content with folders page. Just make sure you're in the Account section, rather than the Content section.

How to copy a folder from the content section into an account

  1. Select an Account.

  2. Select Content to see content from that account.

  3. Select the content you'd like to copy to a folder using the checkboxes.

  4. Select +ADD. A dropdown will appear with an option to Copy Folder to copy a folder from the content section and all the contents inside it.

  5. Choose the folder you want to copy from the dialogue.

  6. Select Next.

  7. Add optional descriptive notes, then select Next.

  8. Make sure you are copying the correct folder into your account, and select Submit.

  9. The result is having two folders with the same content that is unlinked from the original folder content.

Unlinked: copying a folder to an account does not mean that changes made to that folder in the Content section will also happen to the account.

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