Organizing content with folders

What are folders?

Folders are a way of organizing content in Content Controller, added in Content Controller v3.0.

How to create a folder

  1. To create a folder in the content section, click + ADD.

  2. A drop-down will appear. Select Folder.

  3. A dialogue will appear prompting a folder name and description. After naming the folder, click Create.

  4. The new folder will appear in the courses section.

What’s in a folder’s details panel?

Click the new folder to see the folder's details panel. See folder information including the name of the folder, creation time, last modified time, and location of the folder in the content section.

How to navigate between folders

There are a few different ways to navigate between folders. The main ways to view folder content and see information about where the folders are in relation to the rest of the content in Content Controller can be found both in the details panel, and by looking at the breadcrumbs directly under Your Content.

In the details panel

  • View content inside the folder. Click this button to go to the folder's contents. Alternatively, double click on a folder to open it.

  • Edit details of the folder. Clicking this will cause a dialogue to appear with options to edit the name and description of the folder.

  • Delete the folder. This cannot be undone.

You cannot delete a folder if content is inside it.

Through breadcrumbs

  • Home > ABC folder is an example of a breadcrumb in the content section under Your Content. Folder breadcrumbs that are location-oriented are also in the details panel.

How to add and manage content in folders

There are different ways to add content to folders. Use the drag and drop feature to move a single course, click the checkboxes to select multiple courses to move into a folder; or alternatively, import new content directly into a folder by clicking the ADD button.

How to drag and drop a single course

  1. Select the course and drop it into a folder inside the content section.

  2. To drag content back out of a folder, select the course with the mouse and drop it to a breadcrumb item.

How to move multiple courses

  1. Use the checkboxes to select content under Courses. Drag selected courses into the desired folder.

  2. Alternatively, use the checkboxes to select multiple courses and click MOVE.

Folder access controls

Decide which users should have access to specific folders in the Content section. Users with read-only access to a folder can see it and its contents, share its content with accounts, and do sandbox launches. Users with read-write access can add, remove, and configure content in the folder.

How to give read-only and read-write access to folders

  1. In the Content section, click on a folder.

  2. Open the folder's detail panel, and find Access Controls.

  3. From there, you'll be able to see Users and Teams.

  4. Click on the number or ( -- ) symbol next to Users or Teams to configure.

  5. The Configure Access Level dialogue will appear.

  6. Under Access Type, choose Read-Only or Read-Write.

  7. Select users with whom you want to give access.

  8. Confirm your configuration and Submit.

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