Deleting a course

Warning: Deleting a course in Content Controller is permanent.

Not only does deleting a course remove it from Content Controller, but it also deletes all of the data/reports associated with that course.

How to delete a course

If you really, really need to delete a course, here’s how:

  1. You must first deactivate the course. Open the course’s Details panel and click Deactivate in the top right.

  2. Change the view in Courses from Active to Inactive using the drop-down on the right side of your screen.

  3. Find the course you’d like to delete in the list of Inactive courses and click on it to open up the Course Details panel.

  4. At the bottom of Course Details is a red DELETE COURSE button. Once you click it, you’ll be presented with one more dialog to confirm that you’d like to delete this course.

  5. Click Delete to remove your course—as well as all included data generated from that course—from Content Controller.

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