Using bundles

What are bundles?

Sometimes neither limit-by-account nor limit-by-content is a perfect match for the way you license your content. If you typically sell groups of content under a single license—for example, 4,000 seats for a compliance training program made up of four courses, and 500 seats for an eight-course leadership program—then, Content Controller's Bundles feature can help.

A bundle is a way to package courses together into a group that's licensed as a single unit. For example, if you're selling courses, you can create a "Gold" bundle that includes every course in your catalog. Or, a "Golf" bundle that would include all of your golf-related courses.

On the Bundles page of the Accounts section, you can create, view, and edit named bundles of courses and equivalents. These bundles will then appear alongside the available courses and equivalents when you add content to an account. In the account's content page, the bundle will appear as a single item, which you can click on to see what content is included.

When added to a limit-by-content account, a bundle can be given a single license that applies to all of the bundle's courses and equivalents, with limits that are checked against aggregate usage for the bundle as a whole.

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