Manage and view course previews

What are previews?

Previews are simply a test version of your course you can send to internal stakeholders, team members, or anyone you’d like to give course access to before it’s launched. Previews launch and perform exactly how a course will behave, but activity isn’t tracked. You can always set launch limits or expiration dates to control access to Previews.

Preview status:

  • Active (green): Preview is active and can be viewed by anyone with the link.

  • Inactive (red): Preview has expired and can no longer be launched by users.

How to create a preview

Choose the Previews tab and click Add in the top right corner of your screen.

Give your course preview a name, a short description, and set launch limits and/or an expiration date.

View and edit Preview Details

For active previews (green), use the Launch button to directly launch the preview, Copy Link to copy the course preview URL to your clipboard, and Deactivate to manually disable access to the preview.

Reactivate an expired preview

For previews that have expired (red), you can reactivate by clicking Edit in the Preview Details panel and setting the expiration date to a future date.

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