Creating a new Account

How to create a new Account

Consider Accounts in Content Controller as your clientele, representing groups of users accessing your content through an LMS. For instance, if you're distributing content to different groups, it's important to create separate accounts for each, allowing for appropriate management of the content, and license restrictions. This approach ensures tailored handling of accounts based on individual requirements, while also maintaining accurate reporting for each customer.

Creating an Account

To create a new account, you'll enter a name, select a license type, and if you would like, enter some notes about the account. For more details, check the accounts section.

Follow these steps to create an Account:

  1. Choose the Accounts tab and click + ADD button in the top right corner of your screen.

  2. Give the new account a name, pick the license type, and any notes you'd like to add. Click Next.

  3. Review all of the account details and click Create Account.

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